Amd X3 435 to Phenom II X4 B35 Unlocked wonders

hi i would like to know about some of the goodies of unlocking the cpu so i have these question i want to share with all of you.

1. Can i have my rig now with the cpu unlocked 24/7 without killing my CPU lifetime?
2. Which is the addecuate Voltage for the Current CPU ( Phenom II X4 B35).
3. Is the L3 Cache Enable or Not Since I see in the CPUZ the L3 Cache 6 MB.

Thanks in advance.

My Rig
Amd x3 435(Unlocked Phenom II X4 B35) 2.9 Ghz Stock
MSI 785GM-E51
Corsair Dominator DDR3 1333 Mhz 2x2GB
Cooler Master 500W PSU RS-500
Cooler Master Hyper 212

My Readings
Idle Temp 32ºC
Max Load Temp 46ºC

In Bios CPU Voltage: 1.435
CPU Voltage in CPUZ 1.41
All other voltage are Auto
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  1. 1. If it is stable unlocked your fine.
    2. You need to find what is sufficient voltage for your system. At stock clocks you may only need as little as 1.36 to 1.39, just need to test to find out. You can run prime95 on small fft's to check the cores and vcore and run blend to test your memory, the chips IMC and cpu together. Running a stress test will require more vcore than normal operation..
    3. If you see thee L3 in cpu_z than you have a true deneb core.

    If I remember correctly my b35 is able to operate and game @ 3.6 1.392, but requires 1.41ish to pass prime..

    Temps look good !

    Hopefully it is stable for you.

    Congrats on thee unlock and L3.
  2. thanks for the reply man, i have been testing my rig but is strange i was able to pass 7 hours of prime95 straigh no errors temps below 46ºC, but after 1 day i was doing some net surf and plop BSOD, so i'm guessing i should increase voltage to 1.42-1.45? is there other voltage that should increase besides CPU Voltage, like NB i don't know, because the NB is at stock speed, the Cpu is not overclocked just unlocked, or it might be that one of the cores is dead, but is pretty strange because on the 7 hours of prime the computer was like a champ, well thanks
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    Before you increase the vcore make sure your memory's timings and voltage are set to specs (9-9-9-24-2T@1.5 ?) with a slight bump in voltage,1.51,1.52 or so.

    Stability will need to be test in several different ways, stability tests,gaming,surfing,folding etc. The 7hr. prime run, was that on the blend test ? You can run small fft's for several hours to isolate the cpu and vcore and large fft's to test the IMC and memory. On blend, the IMC and nb doesn't get truly stressed until about 13hrs. in...

    If you made it through 7hrs. of prime (large,small,blend) without a restart vcore is probably ok for the moment. With that said, given your temps, increasing vcore isn't going to hurt a thing, it can always be worked back down if that is the cure. Every proc is different, maybe the unlocked core and L3 does need more juice. Blue screening while surfing I would think was more memory or os related.

    If your memory is set correctly and vcore increase doesn't help then try bumping NB and or CPU_NB voltages one at a time. (maybe 1.2 on nb and 1.25 to 1.3 on cpu_nb)

    g/l, let us know how you make out.
  4. i will start the test for this, and one thing how do i test if every single core isn't defective and if the L3 Cache is for real, i meant that if it is working or not, which program should i use to test or torture the cpu cache
  5. Prime95 on "blend" for 12 to 24 hrs. Throw any games you may have at it too. Folding is also a pretty good torture test in it's own.

    Make sure memory is set to specs and running at 1333 !

    Pretty sure when there is a problem with an extra core and or an L3 being unlocked the system will not post, or if it does post the OS doesn't load. Sometimes an unlocked core will post and boot, but have anomalies in the graphics.

    L3 is shared on all the cores...I think your looking pretty good..let the tests run, then start overclocking ;)

  6. that's pretty logical what you said there about the cache so i'm guessing the cache is fine, so right now i'm at 1.42 cpu volt cpu vdd is 1.325 and NB is 1.18 i'll post some pics later tomorrow and once again really greatful for your comments and sharing your knowledge, not every one is willing to help sometimes so thanks for your precious time here.

    I'll post soon with results, volts, the test i made so that can help others
  7. i got some pictures of my bios settings so if any of you see something should be set or not let me know.

  8. Best answer selected by vortexics.
  9. bad news i just pass prime small fft for 9 hours the pc was just smooth but it happen that i opened winamp and right there when i play the file i got a BSOD what should i do raise cpu voltage or any other voltage?
  10. green300 said:
    Stability will need to be test in several different ways, stability tests,gaming,surfing,folding etc. The 7hr. prime run, was that on the blend test ? You can run small fft's for several hours to isolate the cpu and vcore and large fft's to test the IMC and memory. On blend, the IMC and nb doesn't get truly stressed until about 13hrs. in...

    Small fft's do not stress memory and IMC, nor does large fft's completly, "blend" is needed to stress maximum memory and everything together.
    green300 said:
    If your memory is set correctly and vcore increase doesn't help then try bumping NB and or CPU_NB voltages one at a time. (maybe 1.2 on nb and 1.25 to 1.3 on cpu_nb)

    I would try this next ^

    Are those the correct timings for your memory ? (should be on the sticks too) Looks like your mb is looking after you have timings set correctly even on auto.

    I want to believe your bsod's are memory related.. if the nb and cpu_nb adjustments don't help lock it back up to an x3. I would clear cmos by unplugging the power cable, pop the battery and press the power button a few times. Power back up, reset the date and time if needed and then set your memory and vcore the way it is now. Then run prime on "blend" for several hours if possible. If you still get any bsod's I would run memtest on each stick of memory individually in the same slot for several passes to check for errors in the memory.

    For memtest, burn the iso to a disc and boot to it, it will run on it's own..

    Gotta be able to run stock first ;) hang in there..
  11. my memory sticks are fine i test long before i started to unlock to cpu, because i always do that when i buy new ram sticks, they have like 10 passes on memtest, besides that memory hasn't been an issue before i did the unlocking trick, so i'm guessing following your advise it must be the NB, what i don't know is i see this CPU NB VDD, CPU NB voltage, NB voltage so which i one should i raise and how muchy heheh, man thanks on the advise, i don't know too much about OC of today's computers, i got stuck on the DFI nforce ultra when i used to OC my amd 3700 san digo to 3.8 ghz that was a badass rig
  12. cpu_nb voltage

    nb voltage

    I would raise cpu_nb first, set it to 1.3 and see if it helps, then raise nb to 1.2 if not.
  13. Throw a couple more things at ya... somewhere under ACC there should be "EC Firmware", be sure to set it to "hybrid" or "enable".

    With acc enabled, under cpu core control you should have thee option of three core operation which will let you select cores 0,1,2 or 0,1,3. That would let you possibly turn off a defective core if that is what is giving you problems and still keep the L3. Then again it could be the L3 that is bad, that can't be turned off as it is part of the unlock package.

    g/l, bud...let us know how you make out !
  14. my mb doesn't have the ec firmware it just says ACC enable that's it, the other thing is the core control which lets you choose which cores you want to enable/disable, i bump the CPU NB voltage to 1.3 CPU voltage 1.43, right now i'm using my rig and it has almost 13 hours prime blend test priority 9 all cores working and it seems fine but i'll let it run til 24 hours, if the 24 hours pass and no error should i be fine to say it's stable lol? thanks again for you tremendous knowledge and inputs on this matter
  15. well here i'm posting back again
    CPU Voltage 1.432
    CPU NB Votalge 1.3
    the rest is just in auto. i have been running prime for like 16 hours by now in blend test. I think this it might the right settings crossing fingers
  16. ok i'm all set i guess i did 26 hours of prime95 blend test no errors

    my settings were

    Memory 9-9-9-24 @1.55v
    CPU @ 2.9 Phenom II X4 B35 Deneb Stepping 2 Revision BL-C2
    L3 Cache Enable 6 MB
    HT 2000 Mhz
    NB 2000 Mhz
    CPU Voltage 1.432
    CPU NB Voltage 1.3

    Temps Idle 33ºC
    Temps Load 46ºC
    All the other voltage were at auto.

    I think i might say that my cpu is now really stable.

    thanks for all your help green300
  17. np, that's what folks here at Tom's do, try and help.

    That 1.3 on the imc is probably plenty and could be worked back down a bit. If it were me personally, (oh gosh, here we go :) ) I would leave it at 1.3 and raise my nb freq. to 2500.

    cpu 250x12=3000MHz
    nb freq 250x10=2500
    ht 250x8=2000
    mem 250x5.33=1333
    cpu_nb 1.3v to 1.4v if needed
    cpu 1.432 or possibly lower

    If you can get your nb stable at 2500 then you could treat it a bit like a BE proc and raise cpu multiplier and vcore as needed 'til you get back to 250x14.5=3.6. I bet it will boot at 1.432 but will take more 1.45 to 1.47 to get past prime..

    g/l vortexics, have fun and enjoy that free core an l3 you have.
  18. 2 days after using the pc i was completly sure it was stable, i think the problem is not the cpu voltage but some other voltage, i test the memories without unlocking it and they were just fine 20 hours memtest no errors, so i wanna try bumping cpu nb voltage or the nb voltage
  19. nb 1.2v

    Have you had anymore bsod's ? or you just wanting to work the vcore down ?

    1.3v on the cpu_nb should be more than enough. Stock nb of 2000 might only need 1.2 to 1.25.
  20. yes i got the bsod today :S so i don't know what to do man, the memory is fine, and is so freaking werid after passing so much time in prime95 and memtest everything is fine, i was just surfing that caboommm, and my rig was fine before i started to unlock it, is very frustating but i'm still here
  21. could just be a problem with the cpu... that's why they locked it up. I would lock it back up and see if you have any more problems..
  22. Try both of the three core operation we talked about earlier, use the 0,1,2 and 0,1,3 options to turn off a core and keep the L3 open and see what you get while surfing...
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