I am running world of warcraft over 3 19" monitors using triplehead2go and 2 285GTX in Sli and I am only getting around 10 fps. I have an i7 920, 6 Gig ram, 2 285gtx. I have seen others with a similar configuration running Crysis on high quality with good fps and I cant even get world of warcraft to get above 10 fps on very low quality. Any ideas?
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  1. Can u test the cards one by one ?(in single mode?)
  2. And maybe test them without the triplehead2go?
  3. Yea something wrong with your set up, pushing Wow is not even slightly difficult for one 285, let alone 2.
  4. Its not your system setup at all its how WOW is written it does not take advantage of multi threading or cores very well plus it hardly uses sli if at all correctly so whe you span it over the mointors it basicly takes a crap , did the same thing when spread of two monitors with dual gtx 265s and my i7, yet crysis , farcray and other run like a dream.

    Its just how WoW was written, it is an old game at its core.....
  5. You have to change some setups in our Nvidia Controlpanel under Manage 3D Setting
    - Set "Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration" to "Single display performance mode"
    - Set "SLI performance mode" to "Force alternate frame redering 2"
    - Set "Texture filtering - negative LOD bias" to "Clamp"
    - Set "Texture filtering - Quality" to "High performance"

    This should help some. There may be others options to improve further but this is what I got at the moment :)
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