Did an overclock and can't see CPU temps

I have been running my Phenom II 965 at about 3.8ghz with a vcore setting of 1.4v for a while now. It's proven very stable, but I needed a little more horsepower for Crysis wars, so I decided to try and bump it up to 4ghz. I tried 4 w/ a vcore of 1.408 and I got into the OS fine... But when I went to look @ the temps, They read zero across the board. I returned to stock clocks and I still can't get my temps back. I've tried Hardware Monitor, Speedfan, and AMD Overdrive. Any help is appreciated.
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    Go to the cell menu of your bios and make sure "advanced clock calibration" is "disabled". If acc were to have been enabled some how you would loose core temp readings..
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