In the market for new modem/router... gigabit?

so I'm having issues with my comcast connection... for some reason my modem is always "lit green" indicating it's getting a good signal... and so is my DI-624 router... but on random occasions (frequently), websites just take forever to load, or fail to load, and I have to hit refresh several times before it'll start loading again...
I'm thinking I'll buy at least a new router, and maybe even a new modem. if it doesn't solve the problem, then it's bye bye comcast, hello ATT... again...grrrr

Current Situation:
I have everything connected wirelessly, except one PC, which is not gigabit capable anyway... however we will be moving soon and if I have the installers come in, I will be paying extra to have all of my bedrooms and living room etc. pre-wired for ethernet... which means I will likely have wired connections in at least those rooms, and some of my computers ARE gigabit ready, or easily upgradable...

Clearly, in the above scenario, it would be beneficial to lay down at least Cat-5e cables and get gigabit networking... The key is, is it worth spending the extra $$$ on a router that has gigabit, or is it better to save money on that, and buy a separate gigabit ethernet switch...?

my understanding is that cable modems are not gigabit anyway... so the connection from modem to router will be 10/100 no matter what... and if I connect a gigabit switch to a 10/100 router, the performance loss would be negligible, especially if the cable run is very short??? in which case it would be far more cost effective to buy a router and gigabit switch separately (I can get both for about 55 dollars combined... Rosewill RNX-400, and trendnet 10 port gigabit switch)

can anyone help me with this??
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  1. You have the right of it.

    The internet isn't gigabit, so gigabit will only apply to your Local Area Network in your house.

    I wouldn't buy a gigabit router, unless you aren't buying a gigabit switch. Seems like a good price you found so I'd go that way.
  2. thanks scaye, i was just about to bump the thread! appreciate your guidance, I will just buy an N router with standard 10/100, and then add a gigabit switch for internet to all of my rooms...

    if you are still checking this post, I have one more question...

    How does this work, I've never used a switch before??

    I connect my modem > to router > to switch... and then the switch goes to all the computers in my house and they will all have internet???

    I'm guessing that's how it goes... but i guess the real question is, is there any performance loss by doing this??? Since technically all of the computers will be sharing "one line" from the router... or would I be better off having each computer wired directly to the router??

    thanks again!
  3. Just like you stated is right.

    The switch should bypass the router for LAN traffic. The only time the router will be directing traffic will be when the internet is in use.
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