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i'm a musician and i'm setting up a system with gigabyte x58a-ud7, i7-950, 24gb ddr3@2000. Now, I need one primary sata2 1tb@7200, one primary (other os) sata2 1tb@7200, one secondary sata2 1tb@7200 and 2 sata2 320gb@7200 in RAID0 for sample streaming, so I need the best bandwidth performance for this RAID Array. My MoBo has 3 RAID compliant suitable controllers: the main ICH10R, the Gigabyte (which shares also the PATA ports where I have 2 optical devices) and the Marvell SATA3. In which way do I have to spread the 5 hdd? I thought setting the ICH10R to AHCI would provide the best performance for the two separate 1tb disks (system disks) and the secondary 1tb, and thus, setting the gigabyte controller to RAID would reserve an entire controller for the RAID0 array. But I read somewhere that the ICH10R provides better performance than the third party controllers, so I thought to setup the system disks side by side with the RAID onto the ICH10r, and then plug the 1tb secondary onto the gigabyte in IDE or ahci. But my doubt is: will I loose the performance improvement due to the fact I have both the system disk and the RAID on the same controller. And more and most important: will the RAID setup for the ICH10r be less efficient on system disks than the AHCI one? Sorry for my bad English, and thank you all in advance.
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  1. I have 4 disks on 1 RAID controller (ICH9R) 3 of which are in a raid array while the other is not, you shouldnt see a performance decrease. Do you really need the bandwidth from a RAID 0 array 160-200 MBytes/second? Mow much bandwidth do you need from it. Keep in mind if one drive fails in that RAID 0 you lose all your data on those drives.

    I dont know if the ICH10R would provide better performan than the marvell controller, but I think they would be about the same.

    For your other drives you should use AHCI over IDE, slightly better performance.
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