CPU-Z Showing Wrong Multiplier

Hi people!

Can anyone tell me why CPU-Z shows x37 multiplier while I set it up to x40?

Yes, I disabled C3/C6, Thermal Monitor, C1E, EIST.
Yes, was running Prime95 or IntelBurner, but it still showing x 37. (core temp shows x 33 lol)

What did I missed? :o
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  1. For those who have the same problem, (I have P67-UD5 and 2500K)

    Disable Turbo.

    If like me, it still doesn't work.. Put Turbo on Auto and then put Multiplier manually to each core, then Disable Turbo by Enabling the Real time ratio in OS, so all the cores Turbo are blued out. Save and Exit.

  2. Glad you've got it sorted, hopefully this helps someone else.
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