GA-P35-DS3R with a q9400 no post, no video, no beeps


I just had a q6600 with a ga-p35-ds3r working ok, but as soon as I put a q9400 in the same machine I got no post, no beep, no video, fans do spin. Gigabyte site says last bious update support q9400 si bios already updated, already cleared cmos, but nothing, same result. can{t be memory or power problems since they do work with my q6600.

any clue?

thanks in advance
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  1. Could just be a dead CPU - can you try it in another system?
  2. I just start thinking so since it´s the same without any cpu or with this q9400, no beeps nor video. :(, go try to find a system to test it.
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