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I am planning on buying a few case fans for my case. I bought one of those 'cool' looking cases for lans that came with some pretty crappy fans. The fan positioning is decent just the fans are POS. I am trying to google search for basically a benchmark on cpu and/or gpu temperatures based on case fans/case airflow. I can't seem to type in the right thing to get any results, they're mostly just random results. I'm having a huge brain fart ATM and I can barely describe what it is I'm looking for. Basically, I want to know the benefit in terms of CPU/GPU temps for having good case fans i.e 100+CFM vs stock fans that are probly in the world of ~20 CFM.

Edit: More brain fart. Case fan positions are 120mm front intake, 120mm rear exhaust, left side 80mm intake(blows air on gpu), right side 80mm intake.
With a Scythe Mugen 2 rev B CPU cooler, the exhaust fan is about 2 inches/5cm away from rear of cooler.
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  1. OK canterbizzle... the cpu coolers' fan will also play a major role in the air flow inside the case... IMHO the best way to setup fans in a tower case would be to have the intakes in the front and bottom (yes bottom if possible) or in the side as low as possible... the exhaust should always be at the top of the case...

    My suggestion is if you have exhaust vent at the top of the case, then remove the rear exhaust fan and have it fixed on the top... leave the rear vent open; the mugens fan will blow through it and the latent hot air will be exhausted through the top exhaust fan... If you dont have a top exhaust then the present set up will do...
  2. Yeah, you'll never find a comprehensive guide on case cooling, simply because each and every case and setup is different and requires a different cooling strategy.

    In general, you get better cooling with positive case pressure -- in other words, more intake than exhaust. The more air movement (CFM), the better. If you can't get positive case pressure, then neutral (intake and exhaust the same) is second best.

    You say "right side 80mm intake" ... your case has a fan blowing air onto the back of the mainboard?

    More questions: What brought on the concern about temps and fan CFM? Are you going to be overclocking?
  3. I like the Gelid wing fans. They are freaking amazing! Easy to clean moves plenty of air and they are silent. Can't ask for more from a fan.

    They have other versions also a green one with LED
  4. @Abully: My intake is front bottom and my exhaust is top rear. It's a Raidmax Smilodon black/green. Huge brain fart last night I should have mentioned the case.

    @Leaps-from-Shadow: I didn't necessarily want a guide per-se, just some random persons CPU and/or GPU stress tests and the effect of overall ambient case temperature. My case right now may actually have negative pressure since the 120mm on my heatsink is so powerful and the exhaust fan so close. My new fans will change that to positive though. My "right side 80mm intake" is towards the front, the air comes out almost parallel to my cpu; if I had floppy drives, it would blow on those directly. And your other question: I am currently overclocking and my temps are fine; at first. After a 12 hour day the ambient temperature of my case hits it's maximum where my crappy fans aren't recycling enough cool air. My GPU temp starts at 40 C idle with CPU at 32 idle, by the end of the day GPU is idling around 55 C and CPU 40 C; all this with the room at a constant 68 F/20 C. Even under full load though in those conditions I'm no where near overheating, I just prefer my stuff to run cooler.

    Thanks for the info.
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