Will this LCD Desk Mount Work With HP w2228h?

Ok, so I know my display (an HP w2228h) supports the standard mount.

So... I want to use this swing-arm mount with it. Will this work? Are there any alternative desk LCD mounts I should know about?
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  1. The monitor is VESA compliant, as well as the desk mount, however the weight of the monitor is beyond the maximum weight capacity of the desk mount arm. Monitor= 9Kg or 19.8Lbs. Max of desk mount arm= 18Lbs....
  2. Damn it... ah well, I just realized a swing arm mount might be too fancy for my needs. Was attracted by it's totally cool factor :P

    Anyways, I decided to settle on this desk stand instead. If there's one thing I don't like about my display, it's that its stand is a bit too bulky.
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