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I have a hp proliant ml350.
I want to put in three Matrox g450mms 4head video cards to use 12 monitors.
Only one of them works. It's in slot 6.
The other do not because of the following message in Windows 2003 server:
This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (code 12)

So I turned off serial and lpt ports in the bios to free up resources. this does not help.

Does anybody have an idea?
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  1. Try taking out one of the video cards and see if that works. Look at what IRQ address it's been assigned and then add in the other and manually set it to another IRQ number via the BIOS.

    To be honest you shouldn't be getting IRQ conflicts any more, windows should handle this automatically, I personally think your problem is driver related. Have you since this kind of setup before (using 3x g450mms to run 12 monitors)?
  2. Hi , no its the first time I try. (Other computers can handle 3 video cards. It has to do with resources)
    When I change IRQ channels on this server, it then changes the irq for other hardware. So the videocards share irq with other hardware.
    Ill test some more
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