BIOS issues???

Hello all,

I powered up my PC this morning and was greeted with a "please reset CPU or memory frequency in CMOS setup". If I try to advance beyond the screen by pressing "enter" I get another screen saying that Windows could not start and I get options to start in "Safe Mode" (three different safe mode options), "From last known good configuration", and "Normal". I've tried selecting all of them and I get the Windows boot screen for about a second before it flashes to the blue screen of death and then reboots my system which starts the sequence all over again. I don't OC, this is not a knew build, and it's been working fine up until this morning.

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4
4GB Corsair DDR2 RAM (2 x 2GB)
Sound Blaster Extreme Gamer

I Googled the message and a lot of the descriptions that I found were related to hardware settings in the BIOS. So far I've:

1- Removed the sound card, video card, and each stick of RAM; all one at a time and it didn't make any difference.
2- I cleared CMOS by killing power, moving the jumper, pressing the start button, moving the jumper back, etc.
3- Went into the BIOS and returned settings to default.

None of this has worked so I'm kind of stuck. I don't know if I've got a HD or Mobo problem or if there's just some settings in BIOS that are still screwy.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!!
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  1. Does the BIOS save the settings correctly? In other words do you have to keep resetting the correct boot drive and other settings?

    If so, it could be a dead or near dead BIOS battery. If you can get your hands on another battery to try it would be a good start.

    You can also try to update the BIOS. Go to the motherboard manufacturers website and check for your motherboards driver and BIOS page and see if they have released a newer BIOS version that the one you have installed on yours now. You should be able to see the BIOS info when you 1st boot your pc or use a windows based utility you can download on that same page...
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