Maximizing use of two hard drives?

Hi all,

I just recently ordered my parts for a new computer and decided to go with two HDD's. I want to install my OS on my smaller drive (250GB) and use my other drive (1TB) for general storage. My question is, how effective is this? Or are there any other methods that would be better. Sorry, I have not built a computer for awhile and I'm quite out of the loop on HDD technology. Thanks!
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  1. For two hard drives like that I would make a decision based on logical storage rather than performance. If you had an SSD that would be a different case, but in your example it won't matter much wich is the OS / boot drive and which is for storage. For simplity sake, I would say do to do it like you stated. 250 GB for your OS and the 1TB for additional storage.
  2. You could partition your 250g so that your outer portion of the platter has a smaller partition for the OS (+/- 50g). This would help seek time a little bit when booting up. Program files could be installed on the additional space.
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