8 processor PC (i7 Quad core x 2)

I want to build a PC with 2 quad-core i7's ... is this possible? Will Windows 7 recognize all 8 processors? What motherboard should I buy.. i don't see any dual cpu slot i7 motherboards at NewEgg.

Thanks for any advise.
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  1. Its possible with Core i7 based Xeons, but not Core i7 desktop chips, no.
  2. Some future Intel processors are to have 6 cores in a single socket. I believe they'll be compatible with socket1366.

    Knowing that most dual-socket boards were (are?) extremely bad on graphics, and very expensive, it could be better to await (2010 Q1?) this six-core instead. And then, don't buy the mobo until you know it works with the Cpu.

    Windows 7 gives licences for a number of sockets, so check it against the version of Windows you plan to buy - this as well may get expensive.
  3. cool.. thx for the help
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