Overclocking AMD Athlon II X2 245 Regor.. .moderately

Hi there,
Im quite new here and a noob for OCing.. :cry: I want to squeeze just a little more from my Regor from 2.9 to maybe 3.3 or so, nothing..........like 3.9 or 4.8..lol. I started the fsb 5% increments in the bios and then ran Orthos stress for 30min and ok so far. I added another 5% and began stress test, I noticed the temps began to move gradually upward, in just 5 mins they went from 25c to 41c then I stopped procedure didnt want to fry anything. Is this normal?? Am I panicking to soon? Not to mention I'm using a MSI 770t-C45 board and talk about confusing...man oh, man. :pt1cable:
thanks, and any help is appreciated.

Here is a pic of what I've done so far, I've only moved the FSB:

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  1. It's normal for load temps to be higher than idle and it's also normal for peak load temps to increase when a CPU is overclocked.
  2. You have way, way too much voltage. You should be at maybe 1.35v or so. 1.325v is stock for those chips. I know my asus board defaults to 1.4v for some reason, but you can change it manually.
  3. Seem to high vcore ... Try as posible at stock volt but don't change auto (sellect it by manual ). If you increase fsb your ram need setting too. Vdim and cas latency, keep htlink at 2000 as posible too. Cool n quite / C1E disabled. Use good after market cooler ( I know stock clock can hang it) just for healty and keep cool temp.

    You can check him cpu-z : www.tomshardware.com/forum/254890-29-overclocking-athlon-regor
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