AMD 955 @ 4.0ghz with heat to spare... advice needed

I have a AMD Phenom 2 955 @ 4.0ghz (stock voltage) with heat to spare... Has anyone oc'ed this chip beyond 4.0ghz? and if so what voltage increase did it require? I'm just looking for somewhere to start. I booted up @ 4.2 and it didnt crash out until it was in game so I'm thinking a voltage increase may remedy this problem...?Can someone who has experiences in oc'ing this chip share their expirirences. All input and advice is greatly appreciated. Also does anyone have a benchmark of the 955 heavily oc'ed and how it stands up against the i5?
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    From what I saw I found some guy get it to 4.2GHz using these settings:

    Multiplier: x20
    FSB: 210
    vCore: 1.4v
    CPU/NB voltage: 1.2v
    NB Freq: 2100MHz
    NB voltage: 1.2v

    You could try that.
  2. nice, yeah I was thinking keeping the multiplier at 20 and increasing the ref clock a bit along with voltage might get the job done... thanks for the advice, does anyone else have any input?
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