Buying 785 board or 780 board + HD4350


i will buy a motherboard for my Athlon X4 620 ;
so i saw that i can get Gigabyte 785 -us2h which it is about 90$ in my place ; and i will use the build in VGA ;
and i have another option for this to buy a 780 board with ATI HD4350 512mb VGA Card and i a feature that may be found to make hyper crossfire with the build-in VGA card

the two options are at the same price .

i don`t need 140w cpu support and i don`t need multiply PCI Slots ; what i need a good performance .

my use for this is to programming and browsing about 80% of my work and also playing games
what is your help in this ?

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  1. Well, I have the 785 board myself and am quite happy with it. But I don't push the graphics at all in it, so can't speak on that.

    My guess would be that a 780 board with HD3200 built-in with an added HD4350 card would be more capable than a 785 board with only its built-in HD4200. The addition of the Crossfire card, even an older one, should boost performance.

    Here are the ATI/AMD spec sites for the various products.
  2. hi
    i have now some options :

    1- Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H without external VGA card

    2- ASRock A780FullHD with ATI HD4350 512mb VGA Card

    3- Biostar A760G M2+ with ATI HD4350 512mb VGA Card

    what is ur help which one i can choose now for good performance .
    my monitor "BENQ T2200HD 21.5" Full HD LCD monitor 1920x1080"

  3. Any of these will easily handle the needs you describe.

    Graphics performance on the Gigagbyte for gaming would be the least impressive, the Biostar a fair bit better and likely the ASRock a bit better than that. In addition, the 512MB of RAM on either of the added GPUs would decrease the load on your system memory.

    So of the 3, I'd recommend the ASrock for graphics. Keep in mind, I'm not a graphics expert and have little need of even the Gigabyte's built-in graphics, which I own.

    Any ATI HD4350 card I looked at should block the neighboring slot on the motherboard - due to the overhanging heatsink or fan. This would block a standard PCI slot on the Biostar and the PCIe x1 slot on the AsRock. The Gigbyte would end up with more expansion capability because its PCIe x16 slot is still free.

    The ASRock doesn't mention having a parallel printer header but seems to have one. All would require a add-on cable if you need this port, same with COM ports.

    ASRock has 6 rear USBs, Biostar only 4 - I believe all have 9-10 counting headers. Giga also has 6 rear USBs

    Giga has a eSATA port on rear panel. All seem to have 6 SATA total. If you ever want RAID, need to research it yourself!

    The Gigabyte board is much newer than the others employing newer and better technology for mfg and likely some componets. The other two would likely never support the newer Phenom chips, the Giga will support anything. The Giga may edge the others in RAM options?

    Most would list the quality in this order, best quality first: Gigabyte, ASRock, Biostar. Biostar is really a low-end board in my opinion.

    If prices were the same, I'd likely pick the ASRock. But if I was buying a CPU too, I'd look at those options and consider the Giga with the Phenom 550 BE that I got - likely not an option on the others. And... if you never tax the graphics - you'd still benefit on every boot and use in having a faster processor.
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