COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus facing north-south

is there anyway to face the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus at a North and south configuration(where it blows air out of the top of my case) has anyone done this and how do you.. i just ordered the heat-sink on Friday and i should have it on Wednesday

my case is the Coolermaster elite 430

i have 2 top fans and they powerful and would like to use them to blow the hot air out

i have a Am3 socket
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  1. I installed my Hyper 212+ in a North/South configuration almost completely inadvertantly before I realized it's typical installation is East/West. so the answer is... uuh, yeah, you should have no problems doing that.

    I decided to leave mine that way as I have a Lancool K-62 with two top-mounted exhaust fans and the cooler is blowing through the fins and towards those exhausts currently. Works ok.
  2. Epdark, you have an Intel? I think I remember reading something about this. Intel its possible because its mounting is square, while AMD isn't because they use a rectangle? I might have this backwards.
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