The better graphics

hi everybody,
i will buy a new laptop in about 2 weeks ,so i am confused about the graphics

i would to ask which of the following the better graphics
1-Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 45000MHD
2-ATI RADEON HD 3200 graphics RS780M
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  1. Do n't try to play games and you'll be fine with either.
  2. looks like the Radeon is slightly faster, you could probably play WoW on it on low settings
  3. You should be okay with the integrated ATI 780M (HD 3200) which is based on the older HD 2400 GPU. Just stay away from any graphics demanding games published after 2006.
  4. lol gaming on a laptop, always fail
  5. thanx for your response,

    but i have to install pes2009 which the recommended graphics is
    GeForce 6800 GT / GS, Radeon X1600 or higher

    so may i have problems if i choose ATI RADEON HD 3200 graphics RS780M
  6. Then increase your budget to get a laptop with a more powerful GPU. If you think the RS780M can't cut it, then the GMA 4500 certainly will not.

    I don't keep up with laptop GPUs so my best guess is to buy something with an ATI Mobility HD 4650 or GeForce 9600M GS get decent performance on a laptop.
  7. It will play the game perfect.. with no AA&AF. Then you can try to optimize your settings.
  8. You can take a look at the ATI Mobility 4570...The laptops that come with that don't have high price premium...
    Dell has laptops with that graphic chip...
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