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Okay, I know next to nothing about computers. All I know is that you press the on button and if you're lucky it will switch on.

At the moment I have a computer that I would like to build onto. I originally bought it from Dell, but I would like to get a bigger case and replace the duel core processor to a faster processor (quad core, maybe?) and maybe even a better power supply.

I was wondering what things I would need to keep in mind with doing this. Would I need to replace the motherboard and RAM to suit the processor, or would I just be able to hook the processor strait up? Other things I need to know is what type of case I should be looking for (certain slots I will need and size of case) and is it doable for a noob like me.

Thanks for any help, and sorry if this is in the wrong thread.
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  1. Have you read the stickies in the Homebuilt Systems section? That would be a good start. You're asking questions, but you didn't provide info about your current system. We can't tell you if it can be upgraded unless we know which model you have, the CPU, etc.
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