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I recently purchased and built my first system, and was wondering if I could get some help with configuring memory timings in the bios. I've updated the bios to the latest revision, because the original did not support dual channel with DDR2 1066 memory.

My board:

My memory:

The following is a screen shot of the memory timings bios page:

So the obvious change is to manually set CAS/TRCD/TRP/TRAS timings because auto set it to 5-8-8-24, where-as the memory specs indicate that it is 5-6-6-18.

But what about the rest, namely Command Timing which has a -- on auto but I have to manually set it?

Also, what is SPD?
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  1. 2T is probably fine.

    Sorry I don't actually have what SPD stands for, but it's the information that is contained ON YOUR RAM. Your DDR2 will have several pre-configured settings listed in a small chip on-board.

    You can view all these settings from Windows by using a small program called CPU-Z.

    The most important setting for your RAM is actually the voltage, usually found in a different section. Make sure that is set right.
  2. I agree with Proximon. I would set the RAM to mirror the SPD settings exactly, even the lower settings like TwTr Command Delay, Write Recovery Time, etc... You also need to set the RAM to run at the rated 2.1v (+.3v since the DDR2 standard voltage is 1.8v).
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