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Hi, hope someone can help. i'm sorry if this is not the correct place.

I have problem that has just started today. For some reason I can not see windows on my LCD. First I had long beep and then three short beeps come from the bios. So I did a soft reset, then I got nothing. I tested the LCD on my other computer and it works fine, so that is not the problem. I then took out the graphics and put it back in. All I am getting now is, the bios screen then the windows xp load screen, after that, it just a blank screen, nothing on it. I can hear windows loading but nothing shows up.

Is there something wrong with my graphics card?

I have a GF 8400GS

Mother board, P5NE SLI.
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  1. Well I have managed to get into windows in safe mode but still won't work in normal.

    I think it might be down to bad nvidia drivers. That comes as no surprise to me. I have had nvidia driver problems before. Think next time. I will go intel for motherboard and ATI for graphics. Nvidia are rubbish.
  2. Drivers can't give you a POST beep code. Don't go bashing drivers pointlessly when you clearly don't understand the situation..

    3 beeps is usually a first 64k memory code. Something is wrong with your hardware somewhere.
  3. Hi. Nvidia drivers have caused me problems in the past and still can do. I won't go into it on here though. To much to say.

    There was a long beep first, the three small ones but that has not done it since. I may try a system restore if I can.
  4. Check the motherboard manual, with a little luck it will tell you what those beeps mean, if not go to the Asus website, the manual is there for download.
    To get things working otherwise I would suggest this course of action:
    Uninstall your current drivers in Safe Mode. Reboot. If all goes well you will have normal Windows. A poor display but normal Windows.
    Download and install Driver Sweeper. SET A RESTORE POINT. Reboot into Safe Mode again and run Driver Sweeper. Be warned this program can delete importaint registry entries so check every item and deselect any that you are not happy with.
    Reboot. Download and install the latest drivers for your card.
    Obviously, post back with the results.
  5. Your issues with teh drivers aside P75, drivers cannot cause a POST error. The long beep indicates an error, the 3 short beeps are the error, for most newer ASUS boards it is a first 64K memory error. It indicates something is wrong with your RAM, MB, or perhaps another component.

    While drivers may cause hundreds of issues with certain users.. that issue leads me to believe you have something wrong with your hardware. A memory fault, a bad GPU, etc could all cause teh symptoms you report, and would be the only source of the POST problems
  6. Thanks for the replies. After all that, the system restore seems to have sorted it out. I have updated the drivers for the graphics card. Lets hope this don't happen again, even though I don't know why it did in the first place. Lol

    Btw I could not find anything about the beeps.
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