Need some help regarding newly bought Corsair CX400?

The 120mm fan of the PSU is facing downwards in my cabby.It might be putting a lot of heat in the cabinet.I have 2 80mm case fans which I need to install on the cabinet.Should I put both of them below the PSU(rear part of cabinet) and the airflow outward?
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    The fan on the Corsair 400w is an intake fan that pulls air from inside the case and exhausts it outside the case through the mesh back panel. Usually the fans at the rear of the case exhaust hot air and you use the front and side for air intake.
  2. Okay so I am thinking of mounting one fan on the side case doesn't have any holes in the front for fans.

    I have noticed that my new corsair PSU gets more hotter than my old generic one when I play games.Why does this happen even if the corsair one is far better in quality?
  3. Most likely your old one had it's fan running at 100% at a much earlier temperature level. The Corsair will ramp up it's fan speed as needed for the units specs in an attempt to balance heat/noise.
  4. Would like to ask another question:

    Do running the CPU fan at max RPM will damage it?
    The max speed is ~3300RPM.
  5. It shouldn't damage it, but it will shorten it's lifespan. How much no one can really say.
  6. Actually the corsair fan is sucking all the air in front of the CPU fan,So my CPU is running ~5 degree celcius hotter.
    Making it work at full speed helps reduce temps.
  7. Is there any alternate solution?
  8. I'd run the CPU fan at top speed, the biggest downside is noise. Longevity of the fan would be a much smaller concern for me. You didn't mention if you're using an aftermarket CPU fan/heatsink.
  9. I m using stock intel HSF.It normally ran at 1600RPM but now I am running it at 3300RPm.
    My pc runs for about 14hrs a day(gaming,browsing and overnight downloading).
  10. You should be fine at full speed, if you're worried about temps you might get an aftermarket cooler.
  11. Okay I will run it at full speed.I am not planning to overclock until my CPU is unable to run games properly.So no plans of getting an aftermarket cooler.

    Fan Noise is not a problem for me.
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