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Hi everyone,

I managed to get my i7 860 to 3608 Mhz (using Intel Turbo boost). I am currently running my 6GB DDR3-1333 RAM in dual channel because one of the RAM slots does not work. Strangely enough, after applying this overclock, the RAM frequency becomes 1312 Mhz! Is this because of the dual channel? I still have my warranty, so I can hopefully get the RAM slot fixed. Still a bit worried about this though! (I have 3x 2GB RAM sticks)
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  1. The Overclocking Utility probably turned the Freq down for the RAM to keep it stable.
  2. yep.. dual channel it' mean work in standard JEDEC @667,
    you can Check in CPU-Z , www.cpuid.com
    but overclock very stable use dual RAM chanel, and your system having OC.
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