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I have about 60GB-80GB of static data (mostly photos, some docs) that I'd like to back up online. I don't mind paying a monthly fee, but I want something no frills that I can use from multiple PCs. Any recommendations?

I don't mind installing a program, but I'd actually prefer to have something simple I could use cross platform. Don't need version control or anything like that, just a basic place to dump and retrieve files securely.
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  1. I'd recommend dropbox, except that I'm not sure if they actually encrypt the files while on their servers. I do know that they have up to 100 gig box sizes, secure transfer to their servers, and multi-platform capabilities, but I'm not sure whether the files are viewable by their employees. You can use the 2 gig version for free to see how you like it.
  2. I like SOS Online Backup, they have a neat filesharing feature that allows you to send a link (pics or even videos)to any mobile device. Since it's a just a link it's doesn't take five minutes to open, just click and viola!
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