Need help with Overclocking my Q8400

Hi all, Right im really stuck at the moment, im currently trying to overclock my q8400 and im hitting a brick wall, my specs are below

Motherboard:Gigabyte G41M-Combo
Cpu:Intel Q8400
Cooler:Cosair H50
PSU:Cooler Master 600w Silent-pro
Memory:Corsair ddr3 xms 2x2gb 1600mhz

The issue im having is that the q8400 used to be in a system with ddr2 800, i had the cpu overclocked @ 3.2 in that system with a 1.3000v, and the memory @the stock 800, now ive rebuilt my system and used a new board and some ddr3 memory, no matter what settings i choose on the new setup it will not boot, i feel the issue isnt the cpu its the memory and how ive got it setup, at the moment i have everything set to standard and was hoping someone could post some example settings so i can try them, the settings im having issues with are the memory ones, currently my cpu clock ration is 8.5 cpu host frequency is 333, the settings that i think is giving me issues is mch frequency latch, currently set to auto but have 200 266 333mhz and auto options, my memory multi is currently at 4.00a, and have 2.40b 3.20b 4.00C 3.00A 4.00A auto as the options there, and my memory is currently set at 1333 as thats the max speed mem the board supports, any advice people can give me is much appreciated as i gave up last night after 5 hours of testing and not one sucessful boot.
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  2. 1. What exactly is your mobo model number?

    2. Your writing is hard to understand.

    3. Try setting up mobo bios to default or auto without overclocking first. Then we will work from this point.

    4. Try one memory module at a time.

    Let us know the progress.
  3. tik, that is the motherboard model number. It's a G'byte motherboard that will take either DDR2 or DDR3 RAM.

    flamemc, I have a couple of the G41M-ES2L's (DDR2 RAM). They are good little boards for basic systems. But they are not very good overclockers. The G41 chipset is a basic economy chipset with a rated max FSB of 333 MHz. The upper limit of my two G41's is about 360 MHz.

    You can get a reasonable overclock with CPU's that have 200 or 266 MHz FSB freq's. But with a Q8400 and it's 333 MHz FSB freq, you will be lucky to get a 10% overclock.
  4. Well I had my Q8400 @ 3.2ghz, all set to auto even core voltage. But with DDr3 1600mhz it would be hard to find the right timings.
  5. Put the processor in you first board and then clear the cmos. Then load with 1 ram stick .... If that doesnt fix it ... leave the processor in the first board and remove the battery for about 15 to 20 minutes then load it again
  6. Hi all, im sorry about my writing style, i had been up for a while before i wrote that, now ive got new issues that i hope you all can help with, i got a different mobo now, ive got the GA-P43T-ES3G motherboard now, but im still running into issues, i managed to get an overclock of 3.2 running the memory at 1600, but after say 10 minutes in windows it would just freeze up, so here are the settings im struggling with.

    Cpu Clock Ratio: 8x
    Cpu Host Frequency: 333
    Extreme memory profile (x.m.p): Auto
    (G)MCH Frequency latch: Auto
    System memory multiplier: Auto
    DRAM Timings: 9 9 9 24
    CPU Vcore: 1.28750
    CPU Termination: 1.2000
    MCH Core: 1.100
    DRAM Voltage: 1.500
    (All at stock)

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P43T-ES3G Rev1.3
    Memory: Corsair XMS3 ddr3 CMX4GX3M2A1600C9
    CPU: Q8400
    PSU:Coolermaster 600w silent pro
    GPU: EVGA GTX460sc
    Cooler: Corsair H50

    Like i said, if anyone can give any reccomendations with settings it would be much appriciated, im just really stuck with this one.

    So if people dont mind helping me step by step i would really appreciate it, at the moment everything is at stock specs.
  7. ok you should be able to easily reach 4.0 and even higher with that processor ... google a guide on how to overclock your specific processor because all over clocking is different. Or if you search the forums you should be able to find something good, that will be a starting point and give you an idea of what to do
  8. I have looked at the different forums about this chip, ive also relearned the basics of overclocking as well, ive been overclocking dual cores for some time now, its only the ddr3 mem and the new chipset thats throwing me, ive decided to learn as much as i can, then i will opt for the i7.

    Also i can only find how-to guides that refer to ddr2 memory,
  9. ok well if you done dual core intels it probably not to far off .... i dont have much of an answer because i only oc i7's
  10. Ive just tried to oc again, the settings i used where 8x 400fsb, mem etc at auto. and just a small increase in v to 1.3000 but it crashed after say 40 mins, so i upped the MCH Core to 1.200 and the CPU Termination to 1.3000, this time i got a blue screen with the error memory management, my cpu temps are well within safe zones, 29 32 32 33 idle and 50 52 49 49 under load.

    I think my issue is with the memory multi and the MCH Frequency latch settings, this is where i think i need the help.

    Also ive had this quad in a ddr2 system and it ran perfectly @ 3..2 with a v of 1.3000 so im convinced its a memory setting issue.
  11. yes something to do with that ... you need to run prime 95 after each clock
  12. has anyone got any ideas, i just need to get the ddr3 memory ratio rite,
  13. Anyone got any ideas, any overclock i try and do results in a fine boot, prime95 runs fine, but no matter what, it just crashes whilst in windows. I feel im getting the memory settings wrong due to the ddr3 1600 and the mem multi setting, can anybody give me a clue on what i should be doing. :(
  14. does anyone have any ideas on what i should be doing, ive read the core2duo overclocking guide, like i said ive overclocked cpus before, its just i think the memory timings, any help would be much appreciated.
  15. Goto the manufactures web site or leave it on auto with the voltages set correctly. Your RAM is more then likely not the cause .... vcore ... vtt ... if core2's have them raise them
  16. Um mabe im just a noob but mabe you should keep your multiplier at x8
    Start with 400 and work up till crash, then back off
    Run your q8400 @ 1.35v
    Keep your memory at 2.00 (or stock)

    Run a trusted free cpu load program for ten minutes and check your cpu temp peaks.
    Change up or down cpu voltage and fsb to manage temps.

    Then start changing ram bios.

    One job at a time brother.
  17. herbin, please do not resurrect 9 month old threads.
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