Cooler that will fit on an Intel G35 MicroATX motherboard

Hi, I would like to ask if anyone could recommend a good cooler that would fit on my Intel G35 LGA 775 MicroATX motherboard, I have a MicroATX case too, in terms of size.

I was thinking of a Hyper 212+ or a v8/v6 as I've read some good reviews about them but I'm not sure if any of those will fit.

I'm currently using an Intel C2Q Q6600 at stock speeds but it seems that the stock cooler isn't doing a good job at all. Lately, the temps have been reaching 68-76 C while playing games. So I have considered buying a 3rd party cooler the same time I buy a new PSU. (Corsair 650TX)

I don't think the RAM will get in the way since it's just 2 small (height) sticks of DDR2 667 without any heatsinks on them.

It's been working fine these past 3 years, it's the first time I've seen it reach these temps, I regularly clean the case too so I guess it's time for me to replace the cooler. (Which was always stuck at ~1000 RPM..)
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  1. That mATX case makes it hard to find a good cooler that will let you avidly game, but This Zalman ZNPS 7500 will fit.

    Bear in mind that it can be helpful to pull your cooler ever 2-3 years and re-apply new paste. You might try that first before you buy a new cooler, just as an experiment. Make sure you apply the paste very thinly.
  2. I'm betting is the small enclosure and low/no airflow that is the problem.

    Can you open the side up and blow a fan inside while you game? See what your temps are...I bet they go down when you try this. If so, you'll need to fix the airflow...a new cooler will suffer the same result.

    No cool air = hot CPU, regardless the cooler you use.
  3. I'll try getting a new thermal paste on before buying a new cooler. I have my A/C on most of the time with my side case open so it's pretty much cool air around it. (It's "fins" are pointed to the floor near the CPU)

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