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Hello,My Dell C610's CPU is rated a 1Ghz, but when I try to install Dragon Naturally Speak which requires 1Ghz, it says processor not adaquate. I'd like to over clock to see if I can get it to work. HELP!
Running XP, 1G RAM
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Sorry to ell you this but, you cannot overclock your CPU. You can upgrade the CPU to a higher Clock rating.
  2. Thanks, Dogman. I put in a 1.2 GHz cpu, which is the highest the motherboard will take, and upgraded the RAM to 1G which also maxes it out. Unfortuately, something Nuance doesn't tell you about Dragon Speaking Naturally before you buy it, is that the CPU must accept SSE2 instructions...mine only takes MMX and SSE1. So, I had to buy another laptop, and found a nice Dell Inspiron 6000 for $157 on ebay, which will accept SSE2 instructions. The downside is that it doesn't have a parallel port which I need to have the program address and LPT1 I/O relay board, so I bought a USB to Parallel Port adapter and hope that works.
    It's never easy for me....

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