Radeon HD 3650 agp crashing

Ok here's the system.
Windows XP home edition service pack 3. AMD Athlon 64 processor. My mobo is model K8M800M by via with the latest chipset drivers installed. I have a corsair 400w power supply with 30a on the 12v. The gpu is a sapphire radeon HD3650 512mb ddr2 agp card. The latest driver directly from sapphire is installed. The system BIOS is by phoenix award and is version 6.00 pg. It has been flashed and updated to the newest system bios which specifically stated the update was to fix an issue with agp display problems. All of this is powering basic internet browsing, home pc usage, and world of warcraft on low settings.

It should all be working perfectly fine correct? Wrong. When playing world of warcraft, the game will randomly freeze up regardless of time played and my screen will go blank saying No display. Other times it'll just lock up entirely with the screen still up and I'll have to manually reboot from the front of the tower. This can happen as soon as I load the game or 30 mins into play time or during a raid when I've been playing for 3+ hours. It's random and extremely annoying.

I've done all the troubleshooting I can possibly think of including taking off the side of my tower, using compressed air to clean dust out, and playing with the side off to see if overheating is the issue. While doing this I did notice a lot of heat coming from the graphics card. And the pci-e to agp bridge chip on the top is hot enough to probably leave a blister on my finger if I pressed down too long even though in the catalyst control panel the temperature is only listed at about 44-47 degrees celsius. The fan on the card is running fine as well as all other fans in my tower. Is it just a faulty card that runs too hot? Or do I need to install more cooling options because I'm pretty sure that's the culprit behind my lockups.

Sorry for the wall of text but I wanted to include all the info I could so one of you kind souls may be able to shed some light on this issue. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for any help offered.
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  1. kernelsanderz said:
    The gpu is a sapphire radeon HD3650 512mb ddr2 agp card. The latest driver directly from sapphire is installed.

    What drivers are you using? Since you are using AGP bus, you will probably need to use the Hotfix drivers from the ATI website. 9.5 is out now, I'm using them currently with my HD 3850 AGP and it works great with none of the problems you describe.

    Also, check the power requirements of the card. My HD 3850 requires a 450W PSU, I believe your HD 3650 uses less though. Should double check.
  2. woah.. im having EXACTLY the same problems with kernel with same card.. ran into this post because im trying to find a solution.
    was stunned to read this. anyways. 3650 does indeed allso require 450W as recommended. and i got it.. allso i got the latest hotfixes. still got problem.
    1 thing i did find that reduced my problems alot but didnt remove was that for some reason "ati3duag.dll" which is a driver for the graphic cards sound output caused alot bluescreens. i updated a fix from windows that updated its driver and then allso i removed it from usage from hardware managment as i only use my MB intergrated sound device. id love to hear and solution though taht completely removes this unstability problem.
  3. Try setting your AGP aperture to exactely 128MB in the bios. My Sapphire Radeon 3850AGP was crashing like crazy under Media Center, or whenever I tried video playback. Had this problem since Vista. Currently working ok in Windows 7 RTM. Running Catalyst 9.8 with CCC runtime, no AGP hotfix driver needed.
  4. I have His 3650 Radeon, and have had it just crash my sound,and Video when I updated to SP 3. I removed the SP3, Reinstalled the Asus sound Driver . Now I have to get Video to run again. I have been reading go to the 3rd party site for hotfix driver(HIS,Sapphire,etc) not the Radeon driver and it's supposed to fix it that way. I have not tried it yet, but thats my next cycle of tests. :fou:
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