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I Have a New system i just put together and its a highly custom computer so i cant go into all the details but to be blunt, im running vista 64 on a i7 920 cpu, and im idleing at desktop but it shows the cpu at 100% utilization all the time and even after reboot. The CPU is running 134 F and its got 1 hell of a water cooling system on it. Theres no bubbles in the block and the 120v pump is definitly pushing water. It has a 1000 watt radiator hooked up and its like a 130w chip. Im currently waiting for my 275 gtx waterblock to arrive to finish hooking up the water cooling system and at that time i have an aquarium chiller to hook up to this thing as well which should take out another 10 degrees under load. But the thing is, it should be running around 100 to 110 underload.

But the Question is why is this thing idling at 100% utilization and i cant get the cpu to drop its load.
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  1. Hit <Ctrl-Shift-Esc> to bring up Task Manager, click the "Processes" tab, and then click on the "CPU" column heading twice to sort by descending CPU utilization. The process at the top of the list is probably your culprit.
  2. ^ unless that's the system idle process.

    it's also possible that he hasn't seated the water block correctly.
  3. Or that his i7 cpu is uneven :)
  4. nah, its utilizing all 4 cores (8 cores) and theres nothing running in the backround that is causing it to run at 100%. its running at 100% with no evidence. I just took the waterblock off and the arctic silver i put on there was perfect so i cleaned it off with cue tips and alcohol and reseated it correctly again but of course that didnt change anything. Its still running 100% around 120 F to 130 F, under 100% load. If i can just get it to idle it would run around 90 to 100 and with the chiller around 80 to 90, which was how i originally planned this comp to run.
  5. but i really need help to find out why this thing is always under a load, could vista 64 really be the reason? im considering dual booting this comp with xp just to c what happens, but id much rather not.
  6. By any chance did you add a newer or different power supply after you put your computer together with another PSU and formatted the HD?
  7. nope im using a 1000w antec signature PSU, its a top of the line PSU dropped 280 on it.
  8. its not like the computer is having performance issues i can play games like Age of Conan unreal 3 call of duty 4 crysis etc, on high with no lag at all the the temp stays the same, but this comp is sitting at desktop running at 100% and isnt fluctuating at all.
  9. aptec368 said:
    nope im using a 1000w antec signature PSU, its a top of the line PSU dropped 280 on it.

    Antec Signature series does not have a 1000W model.
  10. haha my bad its the 840, my dad ordered it, i thought it was a 1000.
  11. If your system is running at 100% processor usage then you need to find out which process is taking 100% of the processor. It is very easy to look up in the task manager like suggested.
  12. What exactly is it that you're looking at that's telling you your CPU is running at 100%?
  13. im not very computer illiterate lol, i have my A+ N+ MCSE and MCSA certifications, i wouldnt be asking for help if i havnt tryed everything believe me, im using task manager and theres nothing that shows cpu usage in the process tree.
  14. i found the problem, i have fahcore_78 system processes, i dont know if yall know what that is cause i dont really know what it is but i remember installing something that had something to do with fah, it backs off when u need the computing power but it constantly runs the computer under a load which i dont want for heat reasons, so im gonna look up removal options now.
  15. If you're in task manager, under processes, it will (always) show what is using the CPU. Make sure you have the "show processes from all users" box checked. You can also try going to the "Performance" tab, and go to "Resource Monitor". That will also show what process is using the CPU time.

    EDIT: You were running Folding@home? Obviously your system will run heavily loaded then - it uses your spare computing time to help protein research.
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