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Hello, I have bought the upgrade instalation disc for Windows 7 as I am currently running XP. When I was looking into Windows 7 I was advised that it is best run on an SSD, so I bought one of those too. I am currently using a laptop because I ordered a new PSU too for the new GPU I bought so my computer is currently off awaiting my new parts to arrive today..
My question is, will I have to keep my old HDD in the computer in order to install Windows 7 as it's the upgrade package?...I'd really like to just remove it and start the instalation fresh on my SSD oherwise I assume that I would have to transfer Windows 7 over to the SSD after, then turn off the computer and remove the old HDD, which is a bit of a pain. I don't want the old drive in there beause of the added heat and power consumption.
And honestly I have no idea how to transfer Windows 7 from the HDD to he SSD. Can anyone help?...thanks.
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  1. Best to do a fresh install of Win7 to the SSD, using the "Custom Installation" option during install.

    Research online about "fresh install of Win7 upgrade version."

    It is possible, as I've done it twice. However, I have lost my "notes" on this topic.

    And, NO, you don't have to keep the HDD to install Win7. However, if you have "data" on the HDD, you may want to, and then move it to the SSD after installation. Just install Win7 to the SSD, setting it as first boot in BIOS. Change the boot priority to: 1 - CD/DVD, 2- SSD, 3 - HDD, before installing WIn7, then change it to SSD as #1 after install.

    I suggest you keep both: SSD for OS and Programs, HDD for data/media files. I can't believe that the HDD would create that much heat.

    How big of a SSD did you get?
  2. Thanks for that, I'm glad to know I haven't wasted my money. Sorry about the delay replying I'm rying to build my first PC at the moment. I'm having a nightmare with the heatsync!. I'm trying to fit my Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 to an AM2 motherboard, I used to have it on a 775 socket motherboard and they just don't seem compatable. But the item description says it fits both!.

    I have a HDD that I will be using along with the SSD, i just wanted to avoid having the oher one in there too. The SSD is only 60 GB so that wouldn't be enough for any real storage space, so I will use a 2 TB HDD for that. I'm soooo tired and I've got computer parts everywhere with a greman shepherd pup asleep next to me, nightmare. If I missed something I'm sorry, I wil check back here tomorrow, zombie out!.
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