Choosing Socket AM3/DDR3/SLI or CF Board

im building myself gaming pc for about 600$ and need to chose motherboard
will start with AMD PHENOM X2 550 3.1 GHZ
chosing ddr3 cause ddr2 could be hard to find later
gpu something like hd4850, later cf or equal nvidia ones and later sli
have no idea about OC so wont do that

probably ill buy this month

prices are close to, was too lazy to calculate exact price, taken from local shop

for cf i have option of these, dunno for sli, but since stock arent so great here, maybe some more popular ones, dont have preference for nvidia or ati, both ar +/- same for me

Socket AM3, DDRIII 1333MHz, PCIXPRESS ~120$

Socket AM3, DDRIII 1333MHz, PCIXPRESS, Radeon HD4200 ~121$

Socket AM3, DDR III 1666 MHz, PCIXPRESS ~142$

ty for your time
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  1. Hi... Where are you from ? Are the latest ATI cards available in the stores near you ?

    And as for the options that you have listed, only the XT supports proper x8x8 Crossfire where as the crossfire on the EVO is x16x4, where the 2nd card would be crippled due to the slower x4 speed. So I wouldnt suggest going with this board if you want to crossfire. As for the 770, it has only 1 PCIe x16 slot so Crossfire is not possible...
    Some other options for Crossfire, check if this ASUS board is available - ASUS M4A79XTD EVO AM3
  2. im from Latvia :D
    its possible to find a lot of parts here but but in most shops either youll have to wait, or youll pay +30% extra for part being in warehouse
    same asus board is ~130$ in a few weeks or ~170$ in a few days
    ASUS M4A79XTD EVO AM3 will be available in a few weeks, that suits me, so this would be better than giga GA-MA790XT-UD4P ?
  3. ^ That ASUS board and the Gigabyte board are similar...Get the one that is cheaper...

    And as for the graphic cards, do list your options...
  4. about video it depends on board suggested, if cf board then
    radeon 4850, 512mb later another one for cf

    if sli board then
    GEFORCE GTS250, 512MB, 256BIT

    and later one more for sli

    graphic cards are in good supply :D
  5. Do you have MSI at your place? MA790GX-G65 is a pretty good board.
  6. As for the graphic cards, is the 5750 available ? What is the price difference between the 5750 and the 4850 1GB ?
  7. Regarding the graphics card go for a 4870 1GB or a 9800GTX 1GB
  8. i dont need it, as for now i have 19' monitor, with 1280x1024 resolution
    maybe ill get 4850 1gb instead of 512mb price is similar, but i doubt i need anything more powerful for now

    and 4870 is about 60$ more

    5750 vs 4850 1gb the price difference is 30+ $
    and 5750 is hard to find

    as for msi board i have bad experience with them :D
  9. ^ Hmm...true for now get the HD 4850 and later on when DirectX 11 becomes mainstream, the newer cards would become readily get them later on...

    And MSI boards are becoming better...So the newer boards from MSI are also good options...But if the price is similar to the ASUS and Gigabyte, I would rather get them over MSI...
  10. gigabyte are ok now? some ppl ar saying not to get giga cause they will blow up and steal my cookies or smth :D
  11. ^ :P
    Currently Gigabyte and ASUS are the Top board manufacturers, followed by EVGA(they build only for intel chips) and MSI.
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