Raid driver for windows 7 ?????

I have an ASUS a8n-sli deluxe and I am trying to install RAID 0 pair of older WD Raptors and windows 7.

Everytime I try to install windows it says I can not install to this drive.

ASUS does not list any Windows 7 drivers on its support site for this older board.

This is my old pc I decided to put back together just to run movies and music on the projector and entertainment system in the room next to my office.

Any help is greatly apreaciated.

I need to put on 3.5inch and I don't even have a floppy drive on my main X48 based system:(

So I booted windows without raid onto only one drive for now.

I want to make the floppy then reinstall with the RAID set up.

HELP >?????
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  1. I would check your MB against the win7 hardware compatibility list to see if the raid controller is supported. If it is not, you can try using software RAID as it is much cheaper than buying a RAID card and reinstalling windows.

    If you need to hook up a floppy drive, there are USB floppy drives available saving the hunt for a controller card. Win7 also supports USB drives for storing and installing 3rd party drivers if that is what you need the floppy for.

    Good luck!
  2. Thank you!

    Great Advice! I had a floppy new in package... in closet. I just never installed it. I thought my days of every needing it were over... lol
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