LCD TV as monitor problem AGHHH

So here it goes....bug kudos to a solution for this
i'll start with hardware

Custom built system Gigabyte m55-Sli series mobo lol cant remember my processor but it was the last of the athlon X2's 6400 black i think and an nvidia x260 runnin my graphics OS is vista ultimate 32 now here is the problem....
im' running my phillips 42" LCD TV as my primary monitor but it seems to be off and on on detecting it...sometimes after restart it wont detect the display and i have to do the magic vodoo dance of unplugging repluging restarting and power cycling to get it to work and it works at what seems to be complete random...and then when it does detect on boot i have to start windows in safe mode then restart it or it dies during windows load up....and sometimes after the safe mode restart the bios DROPS IT AGAIN...i am really at my wits end with this one. i have the newest nvidia drivers etc any ideas?
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  1. Your windows is prob set on a resolution that is not supported by your hdtv? For instance I had wow set at a resolution that my hdtv dooes not support. So I had to get my monitor from downstairs and use that to switch it to a reso that worked with my HDTV
  2. nah but thx, everything is setup for 1080p and nvidia will override anything else...once its up and going its fine. just getting it started after restart etc can be painful at best
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