PCI Express x 16 2.0 or PCI Express x 16 1.0

I have a Intel DG965RY Desktop Board. Now I want to know which PCI Express version my motherboard has, PCI Express x 16 2.0 or PCI Express x 16 1.0.

I saw in Intel website (http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=22637) that it has PCI Express Revision 2.0. What does it mean?
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  1. Hi Laurel, (sorry for hijacking your thread ; ) though providing some info I have so far read) I too have the same board and am terribly confused on whether to upgrade its components since not much in the way of information and options are available. Even I am confused as to whether a graphics card must be got for PCI-E x16 (not 2.0) and I have a hunch PCI-E is not 2.0, the revision mentioned in that site maybe a driver that makes better support for a 2.0 card, but then I am not too sure about that since there is no supporting data on the same. Another headache is the highest Core2Duo processor mentioned as supported by the motherboard is E6700 which I am sure will be a search now. Wonder if the E8400 Core2Duo is supported. Here too there is a doubt about the architecture support causing the lower upgrade option something to do with the XX nm architecture I guess. Hope someone could elaborate more on this and give the possible upgrades for this board or is it time to upgrade the system on the whole or wait for a while for the latest components' prices to drop a bit towards the end of the year.

    Errr. Just off the record in case you guys have problems running games on this motherboard with crashes only with the onboard graphics card running. Please update your drivers from the site and use the Chipset manual installation and restart the computer. I was shocked that NFS Prostreet and also COD-Modern Warfare was running on the system!!! Only World at War was a bit choppy on 1024 resolution setting : ( Am in a hurry to play games but dont want to make a blind leap. Need all the info and sure a prices drop in the graphics cards/processors/ram and motherboards departments would help.
  2. Ok Just found out its PCI-E x16 v1.0a from some research and the specifications chart. Is this your only doubt or were you wanting to know regarding graphics card and processor support? After all the reading, I am a bit unsure of availability of E6700 processor and also graphics card options are limited too.. No difference between 1.1 or 2.0 as compatible for most cards, depends on resolution and screen size oh and also budget that graphics card should be chosen. As of now options are GTS 250,(if 19" monitor) GTX260 (if 22 to 24') For this board this is almost overkill, due to lack of supporting processors to allow bandwidth to be utilized to the fullest. ATI options HD4770 or HD4850, here too 4870 or 4890 is overkill. Upgrades would be best if done in 2010/11.
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