Bluray for SX2800-03

Forgive my ignorance in the department of computers, but I'm hoping someone can tell me if the optical drive in the SX2800 is a standard size drive. I plan on putting a BluRay burner in but need to make sure I don't screw it up by buying a full size if it won't fit. Any suggestions on what to put in are appreciated as well.
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  1. Even though it is a "slim" desktop, it should have a standard drive in it already, meaning that any old BD-ROM should work. Just to be sure, I'd take it apart to get a look at the drive (I can't tell from the pics, as there is a plastic piece covering it) and then compare it to a standard BD-ROM.

    Here are some instructions in regard to taking it apart:
  2. Thanks, that's a helpful link. Can't wait to order one and get it in now. Do users usually post pictures of work like this once they're done?
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