Thermaltake Frio, maybe?

Hello all, see my sig for specs.

I currently have a Titan Fenrir cooler, it works great, however it's considerable width means that the push fan actually pushes over onto the RAM stick closest the the CPU, turning it in it's slot at an angle (which is never really a good thing). The computer works fine and has done for a good 6 months now since installing it, however the fact that the stick is there being pushed over by the fan always niggles the back of my mind. Here is a link to a picture detailing the situation:

I set out to research a replacement cooler, one that is very capable at cooling as i have my I5 overclocked to 3.75Ghz, but will not bother the RAM sticks. I firstly looked at the Corsair H70 as that is simply a closed water block on the CPU, however i could not get confirmation that the H70's radiator would fit in the 120mm rear fan slot at the back of my Antec 902.

I finally came to the Thermaltake Frio, rated very highly across many different reviews and, according to it's dimensions, is thinner in width than the Fenrir. I got confirmation that the 902 will take the height of the Frio after looking at a thread in another forum somewhere, however i was just wondering if anyone knows for a fact if what i am hoping is true and that the Frio will indeed not impede onto my RAM sticks. If not, are there any (for want of a better word) 'thin' 120mm fans? By thin I mean something along the lines of 120x120x15mm instead of the standard 25mm width case fans tend to be. Thanks very much for reading, i appreciate any and all responses. I am a UK dweller so could any links be to UK sites please!
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    The Frio is worse imo it's big,loud,and has terrible base height clearance/dimm overhang.,2535-2.html
    Why don't you get a Prolimatech Armageddon (L)144mm X (W)50mmX (H)160.3mm
    It's the width of a unit that causes ram issues.
    And btw Scythe makes 12mm slim fans.
  2. That Armageddon looks exactly like what i'm looking for, thanks a lot dude. Does the Armageddon have good reviews?
  3. Griffolion said:
    That Armageddon looks exactly like what i'm looking for, thanks a lot dude. Does the Armageddon have good reviews?

    Yes of course it does otherwise i wouldn't recommend it.
    I'll link one site but there's many if you want to Google it.
    It's a top tier cooler in any reviews i've read.
    Too numerous to list.
  4. Thanks a lot :).
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