AMD Phenom II 810 or 720 BE

All I'm going to use the processor for is gaming. Plan to play games like crysis, crysis 2, star trek online, swtor, and swg.

the 720BE has a 6mb cache while the 810 has a 4mb cache, does it hold back the processor at all performance wise?

If you were going to use the processor for what i'm doing which would you get? ;)

(might use the processor for some 3d animation aswell...)

edit: I don't plan to overclock at all.
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  1. bump, any suggestions?
  2. bump, (i have a feeling no one likes me....)
  3. You've waited less than 2 hours for replies, be more patient.

    The 720 would be better for gaming, it even bests the 920 in some games due to having more cache per core, however the difference between the 2 will be rather small.

    I'm not sure what kind of 3d animation your doing, but I know from experience that animations take a long time to render in 3ds max and the more cores the better, so the 810 would be the better choice there.

    Really it's more personal preference than anything, they're both going to offer similar performance in most tasks, with the 720 pulling slightly ahead in most while the 810 pulls ahead when all 4 cores can be used.
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