How to set i7 memory over 1600mhz?

Hi guys,
Im new on the overclocking stuff, but I am planning to make a 4.0ghz overlock on my i7 920.I have been reading a lot and decided that I needed a better memory kit (the one I got here is a oczgoldedition 1333mhz) and so I am buying soon a new corsair dominator or gskill(wich you recommend btw?) and then I will overclock.
The problem is, as I`ve been reading, the max ram speed supported by x58 mobo are 1600mhz, and to set ram over this something is needed right? Thats the part I didnt understood quite good.How do I do that ???
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  1. Wrong forum dude. Overclocking has its own forum.
  2. OP - You will use the memory divider function in your Bios to set your RAM to run at the appropriate speed and voltage.

    *Strongly* advise not overclocking any memory until after you have finished overclocking your processor and have completed stability testing.
  3. what you mean?
    Even with a 1600 or 1866 corsair dominator, I should just set them to their right voltage only after overclocking the CPU ? even if its made for 2000mhz?
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