Can viruses cause your computer to overheat and shut down??

Hi ther, i have an Asrock motherboard running celeron...the OS starts to lag alot when using any browser (especially FFOX) and i keep getting error messages about high CPU/MEM usage by add-on container which didnt normally occur ... this does not happen in safe mode.....i disables most startup programs and the progrm still persists ....just wondering if it could be viruses causing the problem.....i used EVEREST Unlimited and the CPU temp was 85 - 87 degrees Celcius ..
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  1. Your getting into a bad range with those cpu temps,thats why the rig is shutting down!
    What are you cooling with?
  2. I have a Xeon w3520 and my temps rarely reach 50 degrees cel.
  3. i dont remeber the specs for the CPU fan right now. there is also a cse fan inside....but the fan and heatsink are not dusty...i also re-applied some themal compount on the CPU but still having the same problem.....

    i'm almost convinced that there is a virus problem. (the high CPU useage error by Norton) .....its a 2.5Ghz Celeron...i'm sure it can handle Norton and Mozilla
  4. Can you run Task Manager and post us a screenshot?
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