Overclocked lag spikes (NOT internet related)

so, i've been overclocking since i first got my computer and i recently was able to figure out how to set my cpu voltage (yes i knew what i was doing...mostly :D ) i finally got a stable setup AND my fps during a heavy benchmark IMPROVED BY 20 FREAKING FRAMES PER SEC.

but now i have lag spikes EG i use norton benchmark(kinda lame sounding but works pretty well) first test it goes to 3000 fps but then will randomly drop to 60 fps for a maximum of 1 second, the more complex tests it will do this a lil bit, but it's also noticeable in the 2d tests with scrolling through text.

so how do i fix this without losing my 20 extra fps speed? is there any way bcus my current settings are pretty stable in terms of never crashing on anything. i haven't noticed anything too much in online games but i havent been watching it

help would b appreciated :D
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