Looking for 2TB External Drive - Suggestions Please!

Hi All,

I'm looking to purchase a 2TB external hard drive to store backups/images from my desktop and laptop computers, and am looking for some advice/have some questions:

1) Is USB 3.0 faster than eSATA, and is it worth the price increase over eSATA? My comp has ports for both, so I'm trying to figure out which to go with.
2) Are Fantom Drives any good? There are a couple models I saw online (GF2000EU and GD2000EU) that seemed ok, but wasn't sure. Also, what is the difference between these two drives?
3) Any suggestions on a drive to get?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. I have 3 WD externals including a WD 2TB Essentials with USB2 and 3. I like them (obviously).
  2. Thanks jsc, is this the model you are referring to?

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