260 core 192 & 216 SLI troubles.

I've recently purchased an i7 CPU + EVGA x58 tri sli mobo with tri-channel ram.
I have had it running on a single BFG GTX260 core 192 with no problems for a few weeks.
Last week I got a PNY GTX260 core 216. It ran Age of Conan (the main reason I upgraded my rig) great in sli for about 2 days
Today now when I log in I get hard locks and BSOD crashes left and right the second I log into the game.
There hasnt been any game updates that could have caused this and as soon as I take it out of SLI it runs fine (although alot slower lol)
I've hooked the moniter into both cards and ran the game fine so I dont think its an individual card but something to do with the SLI mode.

I have a 3 way sli board and the newer 216 was hooked into the PCI express 8 according to my nvidia control panel. Also I am using the 3 way sli bridge with 2 cards I dont know if that could cause any problems either.
I have 2 Hard drives one with win7 beta 64bit and one with vista 32 bit. The problems happens with both OS and I've tried drivers 182.5 and 185.85

Any insight into this would be great. lol I miss my full raids @100+ FPS.
Thanks :)
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  1. I suspect it's more software than hardware. Try a driversweep or driver cleaner, uninstall both cards in the hardware/device. After restart, run the Nvidia setup to install the drivers.

    You can also try to benchmark both cards and see if one is significantly lower than the other which will result in laf unless you underclock both to the same speed.

    Could be that, with uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, the enable SLI in the Nvidia Control Panel is resetting to the "off" position.
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