CPU & Memory Upgrade questions for Acer AX1700 PC

Hello All,

I am new to this forum so I apologize if these two questions seem obviously easy to answer. I really need the help.

Question 1:

I have an Acer AX1700-U3700A PC (Newegg URL: http://tinyurl.com/cazfkj ) which has the Intel Pentium dual-core E2220 2.4GHz CPU.

This Acer PC has an 800 MHz Front Side Bus, according to Newegg's Specifications page for this Acer model. The software program CPU-Z CPUID also reports that my Acer PC has a 800 MHz FSB.

I want to upgrade the Intel 2.4 GHz "Conroe" LGA 775 65 Watt CPU in my Acer to a faster Intel 65 Watt LGA 775 CPU model.

On this Newegg web page: there are four Intel Pentium dual-core LGA 775 65 Watt CPU's listed for sale by Newegg. 3 of the CPU's are the Intel E5200 2.5 GHz, the Intel E5300 2.6 GHz and the Intel E5400 2.7 GHz, all listing a FSB of 800 MHz. There is also an Intel "Wolfdale" E6300 2.8 GHz CPU listed as a 1066 MHz FSB.

My question is this: I really want the Intel E6300 2.8 GHz CPU as a CPU upgrade for my Acer PC, but will that CPU work in my Acer PC? Or are my choices limited to the Intel E5200, E5300 and E5400?

In other words, since the Intel E6300 CPU says "1066 FSB" does that mean that particular Intel E6300 CPU won't work in my Acer PC, which has an 800 MHz FSB?

Can I put an Intel 1066 MHz FSB CPU in place of a Intel 800 MHz FSB CPU in my Acer PC and it will work? Or is it absolutely true that I can only expect one of the three Intel 800 MHz FSB CPU models to work?

I am wondering if maybe the Intel 1066 FSB MHz CPU will somehow be compatible and will work at the slower 800 MHz Front Side Bus that my Acer PC has. Am I wrong about this? Am I forced to limit my choices to the Intel E5200, E5300 and E5400?

Question 2:

The CPU-Z CPUID software reports that my Acer PC has DDR2 memory running at 400 MHz and the "FSB:DRAM" ratio is 1:2. CPU-Z also reports that the (CL) Latency is 6.0 clocks, the (tRCD) Delay is 5 clocks, the (tRP) Precharge is 5 clocks, the (tRAS) Cycle Time is 17 clocks, the (tRC) Bank Cycle Time is 24 clocks, the (CR) Command Rate is 2T, the Channels # is "Single" and the Voltage is 1.8 volts. The Max Bandwidth is shown as PC2-6400 (400 MHz) and that my Acer PC has 2 RAM slots, each occupied with a 2048 MBytes RAM module installed. The RAM manufacturer is shown as "Nanya Technology".

Knowing all of that, would there be any benefit gained to purchasing "high performance"
DDR2 memory from Newegg? I thoroughly checked all the BIOS settings possible in this Acer AX1700-U3700A PC and there are no option settings anywhere in the Acer BIOS for the RAM.

Thanks a whole lot for you technically experienced persons out there if you can provide
me definitive answers about these two questions!

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  1. Question 1:
    You can change the memory to a faster one. You may need a bios update and a memory upgrade with a new processor. Best thing is to ask Acer what is actually supported by the motherboard.
  2. Question 2:
    Your memory is probably PC2-3200 (DDR2-400).
    No use there upgrading memory to a high performance kind since there are no options in the bios. If you upgrade the processor, you may need faster memory to support the processor. You may need DDR2-533.
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