What is the best motherboard for an Intel processor?

What is the best motherboard for an Intel processor?
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  1. ^ Your budget, the features that you require ?? Crossfire ???
  2. Show me the best and the worst. I just need a motherboard that won't bottleneck the cpu itself.
  3. If you want a good mobo, then check out the 790X/ 790GX chip mobos preferrably from ASUS, Gigabyte...Even brands like MSI, Foxconn, ASRock are good but not as good as the ASUS and Gigabyte...
    So search for the mobo that has either of these chips...
  4. I belive that as long as you go with the 790x chipset you are perfectly fine. I've used gygabyte and MSI and i have not noticed any differences in performance
    I'd personally suggest gigabyte for the price and features they offer for the price.
    or the ddr2 counterpart
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