Urgent help, pc problems after PSU change

I just changed my 550W Colorsit PSU for the Corsair 550W VX instead. This is the first time i have done anything like this.

After taking all the connectors out and removing the Colorsit PSU i went to put the new connections in place.

I put the 24 pin connector into the motherboard and the 4 pin connector into the motherboard also. I then put the power cable into the disc drive, i put a SATA cable with an adaptor on the end into my Diamondback22 HDD drive and then the power cable into that adaptor. I also added a power cable to the adaptors which control the fans.

Now when i go to turn it on it makes the sounds like it is working but nothing is coming up on the monitor, it just says "no analogue signak". I put the VGA cable into my LCD TV to double checka and the same thing.

Any idea why this is happening?
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  1. What video card do you have? does it require an additional power cable?
  2. That would be my first suspicion, or a loose card.

  3. It is only an 8500gt i didn't take anything out of it so i guess it didn't need anything else goin gin.
  4. Right. No additional cables there AFAIK - that card consumes little and gets all it needs through the slot itself.

    Try reseating the video card and the RAM.
  5. aevm said:
    Right. No additional cables there AFAIK - that card consumes little and gets all it needs through the slot itself.

    Try reseating the video card and the RAM.

  6. Some mobos require a tiny 4-pin connection to boot. Does the old PSU have a tiny 4 pin connector, kinda looks like a fan connector?

    Did it make a beeping sound? That usually means something isn't connected...
  7. Ok i took your advice and checked the card and RAM. I wiggles each one and they seemed to be firm, they barely even moved. Then i tried to turn it on again and it booted up fine, signal and everything.

    Thanks guys, they seemed so stiff i can't believe that was the problem but it seemed to be the one.

    Can i ask one more question as i am about to put my new graphics card in.

    I am about to put an Nvidia GTX 260 in for the 8500GT, do you know if i need to manually uninstall the drivers for it before i put in the GTX or will that happen automatically when i put the GTX cd in?
  8. Uninstall them manually, from Control Panel.

    Maybe you shouldn't even use the CD. Get the latest drivers from nVidia's Web site instead.
  9. Uninstall old...in with tha new ^_^
  10. I unistalled the driver and now i am putting in the new card.

    I didn't get the two PCI-E cables i should have done in the box, i only got 1 sadly. Luckily i have a 6 pin PCI-E cable on my PSU connectors so that made up for it.

    On the end of the PCI-E power connection i got with the box is a molex adaptor which is 4 pinned but only 3 are used, there is a yellow, black and brown wire..

    What goes into that adaptor as it doesn't seem to correspond to any of my connections?
  11. Doesn't matter, turns out my PSU has 2 PCI-E connections
  12. Now i am back to no signal again after replacing the 8500GT with a GTX 260. The card seems to be in place fine, is there anything other than not being in place that could make this happen?
  13. Sounds like a loose connection somewhere. You bumped it switching out the card again, whatever it is ;)
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