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I'm interested in upgrading motherboard. But i want to keep my operating system. What i'm asking is, if i get a new motherboard will i be able to install the operating system i have onto the new motherboard? Can i wipe the old motherboard i have clean of the Windows Vista keycode? Is it not possible to keep the os, uninstalling it on one mobo and using it on another?
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  1. It is NOT possible to un-install the OS and re-install it onto another hard drive. Nor will your current hard drive likely work well with the new motherboard.

    You need a copy of Windows Vista on a CD, as it came when you bought it - with the Key Code for that copy.

    And as implied above, the OS is not on the motherboard at all.
  2. yes that's what i mean i have the official windows vista dvd copy. I'm asking if it is possible to uninstall it on one motherboard and install it on another? Just that i think my brother told me that when it installs it leaves the code behind on my motherboard so you can't use it on another computer. I think he's saying that either because its true or because he lies alot since he doesn't like me to be honest.
  3. LOL, sounds like a typical brother.

    The license for Windows - the "thing" you purchase since you don't actually own the software - allows you to legally install it on only one computer. Microsoft can find out if you're using it on more than one computer because if it does an update or otherwise communicates with Microsoft they check to make sure it's genuine. That process will record the Key code info along with info about the motherboard and other components. If you then install it on another computer and register it as required, it will flag or deactivate the older system authorization. So if you come back with the first computer again, it knows you have it on two computers.

    No coding is actually left on the computer or motherboard - it's fully on the hard drive. And you're allowed by your Windows license to put it on a different computer (motherboard, hard drive, etc...) as long as you no longer run it on the old one.

    It's important to be able to re-install a 'fresh' copy of Windows on your hard drive once it's had a new motherboard attached to it. Windows is installed specially to work on the most important hardware items you have, and there's nothing more important than the motherboard.

    But you don't actually need to un-install Windows from anything - motherboard or hard drive. Just be sure to re-install from scratch - re-format, etc... don't try to repair when putting in a new motherboard.

    And be sure you backup or make copies of all your data on the old computer/hard drive before starting. And be sure you have the key code for the copy of Windows - you must have that when installing it.

    Good luck with your new motherboard and hope this answered your questions!
  4. thanks. I think i will stick with my current mbob. I havn't had it for long (xfx 8300). just that it only accepts 95 watt cpus and i though that was a major problem. Someone said it was a good overclocker because it is an "american megatrends" board. i just need a bigger hard drive. 250 isn't enough lol. A couple of games put on and space is getting much less.
  5. I highly recommend the 1TB drive from Western Digital - the Black model. Very fast, 5 yr warranty and quiet. Costs around $100.

    When you put in a new hard drive, you can choose to "add" it to existing system or to replace the old one. Replacing is nice since it will then be the main drive for everything. But you'll need to re-install everything, including all the drivers and games. So many just add the drive - just have to learn how to install your new stuff to the D: drive.
  6. lol i wasn't born yesterday, i know how to install an operating system on a computer. After all i built my computer.

    XFX 8300
    Phenom ii 720 @ 3.2ghz
    Corsair 4gb xms2 800mhz
    XFX GTS 250 512mb
    Casecom ma-1199 case.
    Zalman CNPS9500NT
  7. Well, I'll remember next time not to try to make friendly reminders about things some people make mistakes on!
  8. lol thanks for your help. I'm laughing kind of with you, saying that yeah i know.
  9. OK man, good luck on it!

    I try to not only answer the questions asked, especially with someone doing something new, by also answering the questions they didn't ask. Like reminding someone to copy off their data... Or when I point out they should save all BIOS updates available for a motherboard but not do the updates unless they really need to because something isn't working.
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