RAID with different size drives

I have an Asus P5N-D mobo running Windows 7. I'm currently using a single 1 TB drive (WD1001FALS) and have another blank 50 GB drive (WD5001AALS). I'd like to setup a RAID configuration so that I have good performance but the data will be mirrored in case of drive failure.

My question is: if it is possible to use these two drives although they are different size, and if so, once I move the larger drive to the second bay and set up the RAID configuration, will the data I currently have on the larger drive transfer to the smaller, blank, drive automatically?

Also, what is the best RAID configuration to use for what I want to do (with only two drives of unequal capacity)?

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Never mind - I just bought an identical drive to simplify the problem :)
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