Should i go for GTX 285 SLI or wait for GTX 300 or ATI 5XXX

hello all,

i am planning to buy a PC soon, i mean next month. I plan on running Crysis sort of games at 1900X1200 resolution on a 24 inch monitor with all settings set to max alongwith 4X AA . Now, I am going to have a Core i7 processor (mostly 920) with around 6 GB DDR3 RAM. i have read that ATI 5XXX series might come out by July end and the GTX 300 series is due for october end. What I want to ask is whether GTX 285 SLI is enough for playing all current games on the settings which i mentioned ?? If so, then I will get SLI GTX 285 now and when future dx 11 gfx cards and games come out, ill switch to them. For me, money is not such a big issue right now since I am buying a PC after a long time and I want max performance.
Also , will GTX 285 2gb and GTX 285 1gb will be very different in terms of performance ??? which one should I go for ??

or should I just buy GTX 295 and wait for the future cards to come out and then immediately switch to them ???

thank you for any help.
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  1. As far as I have seen from the reviews 2 4890's at stock outperform a GTX 295 and equal 2 285's in SLI. So those could be a consideration.
    My best impression of the DX11 compliant cards (r870 & g300) is that production is going through difficulties, ATI has publicly announced that they will have DX11 compliant cards ready when Windows 7 officially launches whilst best guesses for nVidea's newest release put it at Q4 earliest. Either way you will need to wait if you want either but my guess is when ATI release their high-end DX11 compliant cards, they will not have a significant effect on reducing the prices on the other cards because competition will not arrive until nvidea finally sorts their process out
  2. Waiting is never a good idea unless we are talking next week. If you need the cards now buy the ones that fit your budget. If you don't bite the bullet eventually you will forever be waiting..

    And frankly.. if you can afford to get a 295 now and upgrade right when DX 11 comes out it is irrelevant as you are probalby going to replace the cards in 8 months anyway.. so what does it matter?
  3. We are pretty much talking about next week though aren't we. 23rd of September is the launch date and I really think buying any high end card right now is an awful mistake.

    Put it this way, you're still paying the top price because those cards are still at the top of the tree. In 12 days, they'll look like midrange cards you overpaid for.
  4. Nice necro.
  5. If i were you i would wait. At that resolution you dont need all that horse power. Besides if your getting windows 7 os you can use directx 9 cards to run directx 10. i wouldnt recommend it but it is possible. And if you get a directx 10 card you can run the new directx 11 coming out. Theres only like 4 or 5 games out right now that use directx 11. My opinion just wait dude. Ive always been an overclocker and find it much easier on the budget to wait until the prices drop on the good stuff and overclock them to get the same or almost the same performance as the new stuff. Be patient!
  6. Two GTX285s will max out any games at 1900x1200, even Crysis. However, the 285 is overpriced at the moment, so if you plan to get another, wait for the price drops. (The 5850 is on equal footing and is cheaper, so Nvidia will probably drop its prices soon)

    1. Wait for the price drop before you go Sli if you already have a GTX285.
    2. If you don't have a gtx285, go with two 5850s or a single 5870.
    3. Wait for GTX300 to decide whether to get that or see if ATI will drop its prices on the 5x00

    My post was relevant when I posted it.. back in may.... I'm sure the OP has upgraded by now... and probably did 5 months ago..
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