Disk Boot Failure On All Bootable Devices

I just finished building a new i7 machine last night. Today I went to go install the OS, and when I try to boot up with the Vista install DVD, I get the following error:


The boot order is definitely configured properly to boot from my DVD drive first.

I've tried taking out all drives except for my DVD and HDD I plan on installing to, which ends with the same result.

I updated my motherboard to the latest BIOS from EVGA before trying any installs, so out of date firmware probably isn't the issue.

I've now successfully installed Ubuntu 9.04 and it boots Linux fine. I still have no luck with the Vista installer. Since I have a working boot drive now though, instead of getting the error above, when the DVD fails to boot, it boots the linux drive instead.

The only thing I've done differently with my install disks is used a CD for my Ubuntu install. Windos Vista requires I use a DVD.

My Hardware
Intel Core i7
WD VeliciRaptor 300GB HDD
LG 20X DVD Burner

Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong?
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  1. After updating the bios did you clear it. Unplug the PSU. Remove CMOS battery and discharge the motherboard by holding in the power button while touching the metal part of the case for approx 30 sec. Put the battery back in and post. Don't forget to re-apply your bios settings especially your mem voltage and timing.

    There is another option "Hard Disk Drives" or something to that affect in the bios. See if you can find it and make sure it is set to your primary HDD.
  2. I fixed my problem by using the machine itself to burn the Windows ISO. I was able to install Ubuntu on the machine, so I used that to burn the disk in that burner. Ubuntu did report some "problems" with the disk after it was burned, but it could be read in that drive.

    I was able to boot the CD with no problems and I was able to install Windows.

    It's strange that the Windows ISO would only work on half the machines I tried it on (I've tried several other machines/drives since my last post), but the Ubuntu ISO worked whether I burned it as a CD or DVD. I guess the errors I got in Ubuntu were legitimate enough that some drives know how to handle them and some don't...
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