Help with poor performance in Crysis GTX295

Please please please help.

When running SLi in Crysis and Crysis Warhead performance is terrible. If I disable SLi performance is alot better. However i've just spent £1600,00 on a new build and was expecting to play Crysis at around 40 - 50 fps @1680 x 1050. All other games run like a dream i.e COD 4, GTA4, Dead Space etc

Specs are:- Core i7 920 oc @3.6Ghz, 12Gb OCZ Reaper DDR3 1500, Gainward GTX 295, Corsair 1000W PSU, Coolermaster Cosmos S case.

I have installed the 185.85 drivers. I have also tried unistalling that and using older drivers and using Driver Sweeper pro, but still the same.

I'm so frustrated, please help.
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  1. Define terrible.
  2. Around 15-18fps it looks like awful studdering if that helps.
  3. Is it stuttering? that is an actual term eh. Does it 'look' like 15fps (ie it is actually very high but with really bad stuttering) or is it actualy performing that poorly?

    Make sure it is loading the application profile correctly as well (and that you haven't changed anything substantial on it that would cause error with the SLI).
  4. The profile is standard and it works Ok with 1 GPU. I havn't run Fraps on it to confirm the 15fps but it looks like 15 fps. I'm so pi$ed off......
  5. If it is stuttering (the frames are not being displayed in sync) you amy very well have high FPS that looks half
  6. I tried turing on Vsync but it hasn't made any difference. SLi seems to be working for the majority of users just damn Crysis won't play it properly. Shame because I think it's a really good shooter.
  7. I've heard so amny random tales of stuttering for people. Soem in Game A but not B, some in game B but not A.. I'm not sure what causes it frankly.

    Get some boys with a 295, or at least SLI in here to help. I haven't used SLI in ages, totally different drivers by now.
  8. Thanks for your responses daedalus685.
  9. Have you tried alternate frame rendering settings?, also bear in mind that you have four GPU's rather than two and Crysis is badly coded anyway (IMHO) so whilst it runs better with two GPU's it may just be confused when presented with four.
  10. Maybe you have a faulty card and you need to RMAed
  11. When you say you're running sli, do you mean have two gtx 295 cards or are you just referring to the dual GPU nature of a single gtx 295?

    I had the exact same problem a while ago with Crysis [Warhead]. Fraps said I was getting 50, but it in no way felt like 50. It was like the system was operating in sli, but one of the cards just wasn't outputting anything. The culprit turned out to be a corrupted game profile, which is odd because I had never changed it. I used Rivatuner to reset my game profiles and that fixed it.

    P.S. r_displayinfo 1 in the console will give you your framerate (along with other details)
  12. ive read many reviews like these, and i did see someone say that actually when you run SLI 295, performance goes down...i dont know the exact reason why, but i do think you'd need to have some extream computer to run SLI 295 at very good performance, possibly 4.5 GHz? :P im not sure, but ive read reviews that performance does go down
  13. When playing crysis, press the ~ key to open console and type in "r_displayinfo 1" without quotes and it will show you your exact fps as you play. Nothing should be bottlenecking you becuase you have excellent processor/ram/psu. so there must be a problem with either crysis(since you say other games work well) or you gpu....most likely crysis though, however there can also be possibility of faulty hardware so dont forget that. Try reinstalling and basic stuff. Set all low settings and see how it affects you also.
  14. Cheers guys. Just to clear up a point when I say SLi I meant just the two GPU's on the one GTX295. I don't have 2 GTX 295's sorry about the confusion. I'll try the above and post back. Thanks.
  15. It looks like Crysis is the culprit. I get around 35fps all on Gamer settings with 1 gpu enabled and only 22fps with both gpu's enabled. I did try altering the rendering settings of Crysis but it's made no difference. Just to make sure the card is fine I ran fraps in COD4 , maxed out i'm getting 78 - 85 fps and both gpu's enabled i'm getting 120 -130 fps so it looks like my card is fine at least.
  16. You have either faulty hardware or faulty software.

    Crysis for my two 9800GTX SLied works perfectly. My FPS increased by 60%, going from 25fps on ultrahigh to 40fps on ultra high.
  17. sorry for saying that but no issue with Crysis on 185.85 driver...just checked. I have GTX 295 and only q6600 oced at 3.6 and 1920*1200 is giving me 38fps and 1650*1080 is 41fps. You must have bit more, not too much although your CPU is much more powerful than mine but Crysis is mainly GPU demanding. I assume that i7 920 at 3.6 must push it about 40-41fps at 19*12 and 47-48fps at 16*10. Everything was very high and no aa and no microstuttering at all. Check your drivers, uninstall it properly, use driver sweeper and re-install once again. Check also your Vista whether there is no need for some update. Do some benchmarking in games and check whether your fps are matching those ones published on some websites like tom´s hardware, 3dguru, pcgameshardware etc...
  18. I believe that it is your monitor that is the main culprit. 16x10 just isn't enough pixels to really stress the 295, so it dumps a lot more workload on the CPU. Just my theory...
  19. I've just uninstalled Crysis Warhead and deleted any remaining entries from the registry and then installed it back again. It now works fine. However when I switch to single GPU obviously I get alot lower FPS but when I switch back to dual GPU I get the stutterig. If I then re-boot it works fine with both GPU's. I cqan live with that. I'm getting aorund 60fps average maxed out DX10 with 2x AA @ 1680x1050.

    Thanks for all your posts.
  20. *** ing retarded. I got better performance with my old 8800GTX and E6600... WTF!
  21. *** ing retarded. I got better performance with my old 8800GTX and E6600... WTF!
  22. Ive got a Core i5 750 @ 4.1 GHz and a GTX 295 with the same problem... GTA 4, TF2, UT3 etc... all runs smooth as a baby's butt! But Crysis lags like hell, I get like 20 fps and it really doesn't matter what settings I have. This is retarded. I got better performance with my old 8800GTX and E6600... WTF!
  23. go to console and type r_display info 1

    that'll show your fps
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